Jeanne Dubé

01 Matière Primaire collectiv exhibition
    Curated by Minuit Les Zouzous
LE LAC Brussels,
Mars 2022

Digital prints on textil fiber
1,50cm x 1,60cm
All rights reserved to the artist

Matière Primaire is a collectiv exhibition that focuses on the various interpretations of primitive forms, putting the material, the gesture and the hand as main tools of expressions. 

This work is about the first steps that i have in my art process, here i took pictures of some rocks in the Africa Museum of Tervuren, a museum that live a real polemic with all the decolonisation intention that belgium have been doing...  i played with them on photoshop, make a collage, scratch them, detoure them, and so on to search what type of interest i had on the initial material, in becomes a new form, a new image. Directly similar to a painting practice, i printed them on a textil fiber like a flag. 

Louis Lefebvre, Maria E. André, Natacha Mankowski, Malika Rothschild and Jeanne Dubé.